Designing and producing the plastic mold

فرم استعلام قیمت طراحی و ساخت قالب پلاستیک

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    Unique and beautiful plastic mold design, exclusively for your product by great and experienced designers



    Molding of the plastic mold you are looking for by skilled and experienced craftsmen in the plastic industry



    Mass production of your product’s packaging with the highest quality and the most suitable price using the latest technology

    As you know, manufacturing factories need molds to create various types of parts and plastic containers. Specific plastic molds are used to produce a variety of toys, plastic parts of vehicles’ bodies, different packaging containers for products, disposable containers, and every plastic substance you have seen so far. A plastic mold directly affects many aspects of a product, including the final cost, the quality, the weight, the design, and others.

    طراحی قالب قطعات و ظروف پلاستیکی

    1. Designing blow and injection plastic units

    Design is the first and possibly the most crucial step of production. Even if you consider the packaging container of your product for design, it is as important as the quality of your product because the first thing that catches the eyes of your potential customer is the packaging. Therefore, designing it requires special attention and scrupulosity. The mold plastic design depends on several essential technical factors The individual who is responsible for designing your product should be familiar with plastic production and injection and various machines.

    He should be able to develop a reasonable and practical design that is appealing to the market and provide ease of production and low maintenance costs. With more than 40 brilliant years of experience in the plastic industry (production of plastic units and containers, molding, modification, and design) and cooperation with companies such as Henkel, Iranol, Behran, Oila, Total, Pril, and many other customers that can be seen in the customers’ subsection of the website, the Sapel company provides you with the design that is most appropriate for your industry.

    ساخت قالب برای قطعات و ظروف پلاستیکی

    2. Creating plastic mold

    Why do we create plastic molds? Perhaps you ask this question about packaging or creating parts of your product. If you still do not have an exclusive mold of your own, you would better ask this question of yourself. To answer this question, as we described earlier, the appearance of your product shows its higher quality. . If the plastic appearance of your product is not favorable and proper, it will affect your sale amount. Another important issue is the repeatability of production with plastic mold. You can produce quickly and infinitely.

    But is an impressive design enough to achieve this? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The next steps are as crucial as designing. As part of this process, molds are created, and production follows. We will discuss creating mold in this section, followed by an explanation of the production process. Mold creation is crucial since any flaw will destroy all efforts in the designing stage and create challenges during the production phase. It might result in the extra cost of repair and maintenance of the mold. The following sections will discuss molds that have received more attention and are more commonly used than others.

    Creating plastic injection, blow molding, and injection blow molding machine

    Molds are created in two general methods. The first method is using industrial devices like CNC, and the second one is using a type of electric machine. In the first method, industrial machinery is used, such as milling machines and drills, and in the advanced stages, CNC machines are also employed. In this method, creation can be conducted automatically and linked with software like AutoCAD. There is also Electrical discharge machining that is called EDM.

    Electrical resources and electrodes are used for this purpose. Unlike the previous method, this method is slower, but it can be used to create shapes and designs that cannot be produced by CNC machines. Another point is that there is no need for extra heat for the stiffed mold, and polishing is not required.

    Plastic units and containers can be from the blow, injection, or blow-injection type. This classification is based on the production method, mold, and machine. We will discuss this issue in the following.

    Plastic mold production cost

    The mold creation cost depends on various factors , including the number of holes, cavities, and type of mold. Molds are generally created from steel. These molds can be made from aluminum or steel, which affects their price Another effective factor in designing is the mold or design complexity. More details lead to more costs because it requires surface finishing and cutting with high accuracy. The cost of a mold includes the cost of ingredients, production process, mold test, tax, packaging, and transportation. The most economical type is injection molding. In general, mold production is the best option for job owners

    ساپل شرکت تولید کننده قطعات و ظروف پلاستیکی

    3. Ordering to create sections and plastic containers

    Plastic units and containers are produced using three common methods. These methods include the blow, injection, and blow-injection methods. These methods differ in how the melted plastic is formed using a plastic mold. These methods differ in how the melted plastic is formed using a plastic mold. The blow production method is often appropriate for larger containers, while the injection method is used for smaller containers and sections that require higher accuracy. You can read the “precise technical points of the plastic blow containers” paper for more information. Demand for production with the plastic injection method has reached its peak due to the production’s high quality, in addition to its reasonable price. The noted items depend on the section mold, plastic container, and production technology of the manufacturer. Having modern machinery and advanced production technology, the Sapel company excels in this field. For ordering your exclusive mold, please fill out the below form so we can call you or contact Sapel directly. Our experienced experts will answer your questions and guide you to make the best choice.

    Why do we select Sapel for mold design, creation, and production?

    Sapel is among the best plastic containers and part companies. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and experts with over 40 years of experience in this industry resulted in the excellence of this company in terms of quality and quantity. You can see some of our exclusive molds and customers in the customers’ subsection of the website. You can rely on us with all work from the beginning of the design to the creation and production and receive your plastic part or container

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    Wherever you are, just leave your production and molding to us to receive your order as soon as possible with the highest quality.

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    Sapel has nearly half a century of experience in the plastic industry and production field, and has always been well-known during these years.

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