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The plastic cap of the bottle and jerry can

Bottles and jerry cans should be protected with their appropriate and specific cap. In the following, we will discuss more details.

Plastic caps history

There have always been caps required for containers that hold different types of materials. In the past, different materials were used to cover the free surface of various containers. William Painter invented steel caps for glass containers used to hold beverages in 1892. Today, these caps are still used along with cork caps. Following the introduction of plastic containers into our world, plastic caps evolved along with them and are used in a wide variety of ways, as described below.

Types of plastic caps

  •  Jagged screw cap

درب کوچک تولید ساپل

  • Measuring cap

درب پلاستیکی پیمانه ای پرسیل

  • push-pull cap 

درب پوش پول تاژ تولید ساپل

  • flip top cap 

درب فلیپ تاپ

  • spray top cap 

درب اسپری دار

  • dropper cap 

درب پلاستیکی قطره چکانی

  • Tigger heads and Pump cap

درب تریگر و پمپی

Production of the cap of plastic bottle and jerry can

A diversity of plastic caps is produced using the plastic injection method, as we described in detail previously. The Sapel factory manufactures various injection plastic parts, such as a diversity of caps. It produces these caps using full-automatic machines, new ingredients, and state-of-the-art technology. As one of the most useful materials, polyethylene can be turned into gas locks and water-sealing caps by our expert technicians. These caps are recyclable and environment-friendly. The Sapel factory conducts various quality tests on caps for your assurance. If you have a specific test or property in mind, please share it with us so that we can take the appropriate action. Some of these tests are as below.

Quality test of plastic caps

A diversity of tests is conducted on plastic containers and parts, as mentioned earlier. The first group is conducted after production on both caps and containers and consists of below items:

The next group concerns ingredient quality and formulation, such as:

Migration and heavy metals tests are in the third group and examine the toxication and transportation amount.

Various types of plastic caps are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Therefore, they are widely used in different industries; cosmetics, food, medical, lubrications, agricultural, chemical, and, in other words, all industries need caps for their packaging containers. Select your desired cap, and we will create it for you.

You can either fill out counseling or price quotation forms to receive our call or contact us directly to order plastic caps. With a direct purchase from Sapel as the manufacturer of different types of plastic packaging containers and parts, you will be contained various advantages. The first one is economic efficiency, which is given to you by direct purchase from the producer company. In the next step, you can precisely select the properties of your product and conduct your considered tests by receiving the sample, or we can carry them out for you, as we mentioned earlier.

Online shopping for plastic caps

There is no need for physical presence, and all purchase steps, including receiving the sample and proforma invoice, can be completed remotely.

Plastic cap price

The price of plastic bottles and jerry cans depend on different instances, such as ingredients, mold, production manner, quality, etc. As mentioned earlier, direct purchase from the producer company is the most economical way to buy your required cap. You can either fill out counseling or price quotation forms to receive our call or contact us directly to ask about the price. Our experienced advisors will answer all your questions.