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The major producer of plastic bottles

Here we discuss all details of producing plastic bottles.

History of plastic bottles

In the past, people used leather animals’ skin to drink and carry water. Before that, earthen jugs were used, which are now widely used to keep water cold. Afterward, aluminum, glass, and even stone were used for this purpose. After World War II, plastic bottles became famous, although initially, they were expensive. There was a growing demand after using polyethylene as an ingredient, and bottles were used for beverages, chemicals, food, as well as industrial materials, which we will discuss in the following sections.

Types of plastic bottles

We produce plastic jerry cans in our company in different sized and volumes, as shown above. Bottles are produced in different shapes, such as deodorant cans. In descriptions, you can observe numbers, packaging manner, and complete details. You can choose the weight, color, opening diameter, type, and required cap for the bottle in addition to the water-sealing and gas-locking type. We can produce your exclusive bottle and design its mold. In the following, you can see some exclusive jerry cans of our customers. With over 40 years of experience, we have had the privilege of working with great clients.

بطری پلاستیکی تاژ

Plastic bottle production

In the plastic bottle production factory, bottles are produced using different methods with modern technologies and machinery, such as blow and injection-blow. All products are passed through the leak tester machine to ensure their lack of leakage and flaw. In Sapel, we utilize high-quality and new polyethylene ingredients to produce plastic bottles and produce recyclable containers. Polyethylene bottles are durable and lightweight. They are resistant to chemical agents and temperature. To ensure their workability, they were subjected to different tests in the QC unit of the Sapel company, as described in the following.

Plastic bottle price

There are many advantages to providing your required bottle directly from Sapel. First, the direct purchase from the producer of plastic parts and packaging containers is economic. Second, you can precisely select the properties of your product. Third, the product is delivered directly to you, and finally, you can take the sample and conduct your considered tests with the QC unit of Sapel to be in accordance with your requirements.

Plastic bottle purchase

For wholesale ordering of your required plastic bottle (regarding your considered features), you need to fill out price quotation forms, available in the online shop, to receive our call, and the purchase steps are conducted most quickly, and you receive your product. Notably, speed, quality, and price are three fundamentals of proper shopping.