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The major product of plastic jerry cans

Plastic jerry cans are widely used in different industries. However, producing them could be a challenge. We will discuss this issue in the following.

Interesting history of plastic jerry cans

Hearing the name of the jerry can might bring the measuring unit to your mind or vice versa. Jerry can is the term used in Farsi for the above containers. This name is originally Deutsch. German soldiers are called jerry. The jerry cans were copied from German jerry cans by allies in the second world war. Thus, they call it jerry can. German can! We provided you with the unit guidance beside all products so that you can transform the liter to the jerry can or any other unit.

Types of plastic jerry can

We produce plastic jerry cans in our company in different sized and volumes, as shown above. These types include cubic or buttoned jerry cans that are easily arranged on top of each other or folding handle jerry cans. You can choose the weight, color, opening diameter, type, and required cap for the jerry can in addition to the water-sealing and gas-locking type. We can produce your exclusive jerry can and design its mold. With over 40 years of experience, we have had the privilege of working with great clients and enjoying their companionship as we progressed together. In the following, you can see some exclusive jerry cans of our customers. We placed them in each part.

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Plastic jerry can production

At first, jerry cans were metal containers used to transport fuel. Their creation and use occurred during the Second World War. Today, they are used for a variety of purposes, which we will discuss in the following paragraphs. By using blow technology for container production, plastic jerry cans are made in different volumes as a major production. With its motto of creating a house for your product, Sapel produces plastic containers in various volumes for packaging your products. We produce the best containers by using modern technology and high-quality ingredients. The used ingredients are polyethylene, which is distinguished by the recycle symbol at the bottom of the containers. These recyclable ingredients are durable and lightweight. As well as being resistant to chemical agents, they are also resistant to high temperatures and are used extensively in this industry.

Plastic jerry can buying

You can directly provide your required jerry can from Sapel, the producer of plastic sections and packaging containers. The advantage of this deed is the economic efficiency, which is given to you by direct purchase from the producer company. In the next step, you can precisely select the properties of your product and conduct your considered tests by receiving the sample and buying wholesale of your required plastic jerry can.

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Online shopping for plastic jerry cans

For online shopping of your required plastic jerry can (regarding your considered features), you need to fill out price quotation forms, available in the online shop, to receive our call, and the purchase steps are conducted most quickly, and you receive your product.