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We believe in you and us

Sapel company believes that its mission is to serve itself by serving others and society, and selected packaging containers and polymeric injection units for different industries as its serving field, considering its knowledge and experiences. It could be among reputable brands by utilizing specific goals in the market.

Our performance procedure

Sapel has developed long-term partnerships with well-known brands in the lubrication, cosmetics, and chemical industries due to its commitment to the honesty principle (regarding all moral and work values), concern for quality, and application of all its requirements.

ساپل (سازه پلاستیک)
about Sapel company

Where we came from and where we are heading...

Sapel started its journey in the plastic industry half a century ago.

It commenced its operation in 1981 in a 200-meters workshop with two blow molding machines, which were bought in installments. At that time, partners conducted all operations. Exerting efforts day and night and partners’ faith in success caused the growth of the workshop area and the number of machines. company…

certificates and technology

Synchronous with you to provide the best

We use the most recent technologies to produce plastic packaging containers to present suitable products for you and your customers. We continuously try to improve our production. Sapel’s laboratory is equipped to not only carefully control our products but also comply with all your required standards, as well as global and health standards.

We are honored by getting all kinds of health certifications and globally validated ISOs. Sapel always steps in the path of recognizing the customer’s needs and communicates effectively with exhibitions by attending them By filling out the Sapel company’s poll questionnaire, you can contribute to improving our products. We gladly accept your suggestion and criticisms.