Certificates of appreciation and awards

We have always been successful in obtaining health certificates and licenses at Sapel. Because in “Sapel” we make the product with the belief that it will reach our own family, therefore in technical matters; health, consumption of resources, etc., we adhere to the principles.

آیکون گواهینامه

Production license

The Sapel company (manufacturer of plastic packaging containers) has the production license from the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade.

آیکون پروانه ها

Manufacturing health license

A manufacturing health license has been issued to Sapel’s polyethylene and polypropylene containers and caps from the food and drug organization.

آیکون جایزه2

Certificates of appreciation and awards

Sapel has been selected as the outstanding unit. Also, Sapel’s manager has been introduced as a successful manager. It also received different Certificates of appreciation by attending specialized exhibitions.

آیکون جایزه

Management system licenses

During our forty years of activity, we have succeeded in receiving different ISO licenses. Sapel possesses licenses for quality management systems, environment management systems, and industrial health and safety management system.