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Sapel's customers

In sync with you

Customers of each company determine its honor and success. A fundamental we are committed to in the Sapel company is accompanying our customers to gain profit because we know them as our partners, and our success comes after theirs. . In the following, you can observe the brands of some customers.

Customers satisfaction

During half a century of service in the plastic industry and producing various kinds of plastic parts and plastic packaging containers, having you as a companion has made us proud. This complex always has tried to gain your satisfaction. Therefore, we proudly accept your feedback. Accordingly, you can see the suggestion form on our website in the subsection of contact us. Furthermore, Sapel’s quality assurance presents control and quality terms in form of a test report so that if you have any specific concerns, they can be addressed first.

In Sapel, in addition to accepting your opinions at any time, we also evaluate your satisfaction level in different periods. Your satisfaction is our most precious asset, and we try to maintain it. You are welcome to share anything that you may have in mind that could improve services or the quality of the delivered products.

Produced containers for customers

You will find in this section some containers which Sapel produced for customers or even designed and molded for them. In particular, if you consider a specific part or container for your products, we can design and mold it for you. Also, for the consultation, you can either fill out counseling or price quotation forms or contact us. You can visit the products section of the website to see the plastic containers of Sapel. Whatch our products in products section in our website

plastic jerrycans and bottles produced by Sapel

plastic caps produced by Sapel