The mission statement of the Sapel company

sapel company Considering its knowledge and experience, Sapel chose to serve different industries such as oil, agricultural, chemical, cosmetics, and medical products as its serving fields, as it believes its mission is to serve itself by serving others and society. It could become a reputable brand by utilizing specific goals in the market.

– Heartful faith in the mercifulness of God

– Organization management based on operational and strategic programs

– The commitment of the manager to programs and determined goals

– Using an expert management team

– Using proper technologies

– Constant and comprehensive education of employees

– Providing physical infrastructures corresponding to the organization’s place and growth

– Using scientific and basic marketing and sale units

– Developing foreign and internal communications and partnerships to achieve efficient implementation of goals

– Innovation and diversity based on studies

– Using experienced counselors

Social responsibility of the Sapel company

– To fulfill its social responsibility, Sapel carries out activities that contribute to the public good.

– Developing and promoting education for the public health

– Foundation of charity to support poor patient

– Financial help and taking responsibility for the charity

– Financial help for building hospitals in deprived areas

– Supporting youths in affairs of university education and marriage

– Respecting rules and promoting them among the employees

مهرسهیلا مسئولیت اجتماعی ساپل

Relationship with customers in the Sapel company

The Sapel company knows itself as the partner of the customer. So, it cooperates with him to achieve his goal. The company does this cooperation through three methods:

• Collecting information on the customer and his industry

• Collecting information on the customer

• Presenting technical consults to provide the said and unsaid requirements of the customer with a reasonable price

We produce in Sapel with the assumption that it will reach our family. Therefore, we are committed to technical, health, and resource consumption fundamentals.

Sapel is an economic institution that should be profitable.

The wealth from profitability is a tool for the organization to reach its mission and goals, which is serving itself by serving others, and it is fair and Halal.

some of our customers

Competition method of the Sapel company

We believe that competition does not mean dumping competitors but rather improving the quality of service provided to the final customer (society).

We do not believe in unhealthy competition based on providing individual benefits. As a matter of fact, we do not wish to win at any cost.

We know that we should gain more ability to compete with the champion of auto racing.

Our key to success in competition is the belief in winner-winner-winner (us, the customer, society).

Respecting society and different traditions and cultures

کارکنان ساپل

Relationship of the Sapel company with employees

The Sapel company’s growth is reflected in the growth of all its stakeholders, particularly its employees. Therefore, it compensates them on time and seeks to help them grow through the following policies:

• Governing engineering fundamentals and environment ergonomics

• Providing and conducting curriculum in the field of work-family-mental health

• Providing and conducting sports, recreational, and cultural programs for employees and their family

• Establishing intra-organizational loan funds

• Providing occasional gifts for employee and their families

The Sapel company sees humans as an Aeon and believes that instructible human resource is capital for country and organizations to achieve their goals. Therefore, it should be preserved, determined, developed, motivated, and selected with a special resolution.

In addition to general policies, Sapel company used a motivational system to appreciate hardworking people and encourage non-hard-working ones to be active and innovative.

Evaluation criteria in a motivational system are:

Attunement with the goals and schedules of the organization- Accountability-Discipline-Positive attitude- To abide by organizational hierarchy

Believing that “Human beings are members of a whole, In the creation of one essence and soul,” Sapel company knows itself as a member of society body. It argues that, as humans, we are involved in both the good and the bad aspects of society, and we should play our roles consciously and responsibly

Sapel’s management believes that the organization will move forward on the path of fulfilling this vision and mission as much as the leader’s performance aligns with this document. It is, therefore, the manager’s obligation to implement the document, to hold briefing meetings within specified periods, and to evaluate performance at different operational and decisional levels to ensure that employees are aware of, understand, and implement this document and to assess the value of the achievement of the objectives.