A summary of what happened to Sapel

It commenced its operation in 1981 in a 200-meters workshop with two blow molding machines, which were bought in installments. At that time, partners conducted all operations. Exerting efforts day and night and partners’ faith in success caused the growth of the workshop area and the number of machines. By 2001, the company had a factory with 2000 m2, 1200 m2 of industrial sheds, and 10 devices in the industrial area of Simin Dasht Karaj.

Sapel independence

Sweet separation

It was in 2003 that Sapel’s partners decided to part ways in a sweet way. Having observed bitter causes and experiences of separation in other partnerships, the growth of children, and the consequent diversity of needs and demands, they decided to establish another factory with the program and each other’s support and end the partnership gradually while maintaining friendships.

This sweet separation was fulfilled in 2006, and Mr. Naser Amini Alavije became the owner and manager of the Sapel company, and Mr. ALi AMini became the owner and manager of the new company, Baninoo, with the same products.

Novel approach

Since 2003, the new management of the Sapel Company has employed an approach based on the “orientation of educational development” of all employees in the areas of the family -positive attitude- novel systems and methods for management,” “machinery technology development,” and “infrastructural development.” The “improvement of employee life quality” was considered to be the most important aspect of the organization itself, and it has become an integral part of its current existence.

Since then, regular educational seminars have been held for employees and their families in the areas of peaceful life- effective connection. For employees and their families, educational, artistic, sports, and occasional activities were supported. . As of 2019, the factory has been relocated to the Industrial Park of Safa Dasht on a 5000 square meter plot of land with a 2400 square meter industrial shed.


Kind trust and support from great customers caused the continuous development and growth of Sapel. As a result, today, in 2021, the area of the factory exceeds 10000 m2- the production space is 2400 m2- the warehouse is 3700 m2- the official space is 600 m2, molding units- equipped laboratory- 20 devices of new blow molding machines, injection molding machine, injection blow molding machine- trained management team- online performance evaluation system.