Quality control of the Sapel Factory (QC)

Laboratory equipment is available at the Sapel factory (which manufactures plastic packaging containers) for various testing and quality control procedures. With the help of these tests and devices, we ensure the quality of input ingredients and productions on the production line. Below are some available facilities which are used for tests, such as drop tests, road tests, color matching tests, induction seal, capping machine torque tester to open and close caps of products, and products’ strength against the crack in corrosive environments. The devices used were mentioned in this regard.

Environmental Stress-Cracking Resistance (ESCR)

Melt Flow Index (MFI)

Electrical Furnace


Color Matching

Road Test

Gas Pressure Test

Induction Seal


Machine Torque Tester


Drop Test

To learn more about these tests, read the 12 tests for having suitable plastic containers.

National and International Standards

National and international standards for testing all plastic containers and products of the Sapel company are conducted in the QC unit.


Density: ASTM 1505 MFI: ASTM D1238

ESCR: ASTM D1693 Ash Content: ASTM D1063 Drop test: ASTM D 4169, ASTM D5276


BCT: ISIRI 1641 ESCR: ISIRI 7175-8 MFI: ISIRI 6980



Quality and precision in production and packaging containers are our main focus in the Sapel factory. In this regard, we always try to utilize state-of-the-art technology. We continuously purchase advanced devices and replace the older ones with new ones. During the production process at the Sapel factory, all devices are automatic, and all steps, including the leak tester, are carried out by automatic devices, with the operator having no role other than controlling the process. We are proud to produce plastic containers that are desirable and satisfactory for our customers by utilizing the latest technology.

Research and Development (R&D)

In the research and development unit of the Sapel company, we follow two overall goals to ensure quality and technology. First, conducting developing and practical research to create new products using available technologies in the Sapel company. Secondly, continuous improvement of production and operational processes, as well as continuous improvement of the features of the production and plastic packaging containers.

Research and development are items that lead to positive evolutions in organizations and the creation of innovative businesses. Businesses, including Sapel, are moving toward internationalization, and research and development have a direct effect on all dimensions, including standard level and market share. Therefore, research development is one of our priorities.