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As well as producing plastic packaging containers for your products, we can design and mold the packaging to meet your specifications. Additionally, our experienced advisors will assist you from the beginning so that you can make the best choice regarding the purchase and packaging of your plastic containers.

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We produce packaging for your products

We are aware that proper packaging of a product can affect its popularity and sale from different aspects. Packaging plays a significant role in the branding of your products. We create your packaging containers with the highest possible quality by using modern machinery and deliver them to you. We try to provide you with the best by using different tools and experiments in equipped laboratories of Sapel. Additionally, we gladly accept suggestions and even complaints from our dear customers to improve our performance.

The SAPEL company was established in the field of blow molding containers in 1979. This was added to production line following injection and injection blow molding production. Our products are produced with the belief that they are going to reach our own family, therefore in technical matters; health, consumption of resources, etc., we adhere to our principles.


We design and produce your desired mold

For your products to stand out from conventional plastic packaging, you may require specific and unique molds, and you might be aware that distinction is one of the conditions for a better product sale. We considered molding services in Sapel to meet this requirement. We were honored to provide service for dear customers, such as Persil, Tage, Behran, Iranol, etc. Our high-experienced colleagues in the molding unit of Sapel provide you with the best services. You can conveniently entrust the molding and production of the plastic packaging of your products to us. You only need to call us.

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design services

We design your desired packaging

A unique and fashionable package should be designed by those who have experience and expertise in the field. A design service is provided for the molding of plastic packaging for your products based on your desired specifications. To achieve the desired outcome, each plastic container should be designed based on your product and tact. We believe our mission is impeccable service to others, and we are proud of it.


We make the appearance of your products more professional using novel technologies.

Packaging containers made of plastic may be labeled in any way you desire and in the most attractive manner. IML stands for In-Mold Labeling and is a technology for labeling containers. With this packaging technology, the process of labeling your products’ plastic packaging is conducted during container production, whereas, in other methods, the container is created, and the label is applied afterward.

The advantages of this method include high-quality labels and the inability to separate labels and forge your brand. The prepared labels are placed in the machine. During the production process, the machine attaches it to your container. Using this technology in its factory, Sapel can produce packaging containers and labels for your products.

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We help you to have the best choice.

It is a challenge for managers, owners, and producers to choose packaging that is suitable and economical for their products. Sapel offers experienced advisors to assist these dear people in this regard. Sapel company recognizes itself as the “customer partner,” and as such, it works closely with him in the path of achieving his objectives. Our advisors guide you in selecting and buying affairs before and after purchasing. The sample products will be sent to you if necessary. If you would like to receive a call from one of our advisors, please fill out the below form or contact Sapel directly.